Carmel Haines


Hi my name is Carmel Haines and I am an artist at the Bana Yirriji Art and Cultural Centre Wujal Wujal. My clan group is Nyungkal.

My Grandmother’s country is Shiptons Flat area and my Grandfathers country is Helenvale, Mungumby and Kingsplain.

I grew up in Wujal Wujal and did my entire primary schooling here, then went to Boarding School in Townsville.

I have always like artwork at school and have continued prdactising since then. I enjoy working at the Art Centre and creating things.

Date of Birth: 3/10/1988
Language/s: Kuku Yalanji, Kuku Nyungkul
Group Exhibitions
2016, July Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns  2016 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair
2016, July CIAF Fashion Performance 2016   Jana Jana - Respect
2016, March Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2016 (VAMFF)   Burrimbi Dulgu Bajal
2015, July Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns  2015 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair
Mediums     Acrylic on Canvas, Lino Cut Prints, Seed Jewellery, Screenprint on 100% silk
Collections CIAF Fashion Performance 2016 - Jana Jana - Respect
Artist Photo: