Sonia Creek


My grandfather Alec Creek is a Kaantju man from Coen and my grandmother is Kuku Nyungkul from Shiptan Flat.

I have lived in Wujal Wujal for 16 years and have just started doing art work at our art centre. I love it because some of my family members encourage me to do artwork. I have artists from both sides of my family.

Date of Birth: 4/05/1971
Language/s: Kuku Nyungkul
Group Exhibitions
2016, July Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns  2016 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair
2015, July Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns  2015 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair
Mediums     Acrylic on Canvas, Lino Cut Prints, Seed Jewellery, Two colour lino print, Screenprint on 100% silk
Artist Photo: