The Bana Yirriji Art gallery has an exhibition space where we exhibit contemporary local art made by the community artists. Our gallery showcases natural seed jewellery, prints, paintings, artefacts and textiles.

This is a great opportunity for emerging and established artists to show their talent and to give them an opportunity to sell their artwork. The artists help curate their own work with our art workers.

The exhibition is always changing depending on what workshops are going on in the art studio and what is being created at the time.

The gallery is visited by local, interstate and international tourists.


Comments from visitors:

Thank you so much for sending this. Your cultural centre is the best thing I've seen in some time. Tell the artists to keep up making beautiful work.

Kind regards

- Craig


Thank you for your email and certificate from Lila Creek. Please tell her foe happy and soulful her painting makes us feel in our new home (bubu). It makes us feel connected to her, the Kuku Yalanji, the animals, the land and water and to the spirits. Thank you

Warm regards,

- Caroline (and Chris Murphy - we just got engaged!)


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Wujal Wujal and I immersed myself into the natural wonders including the waterfalls, which surround your township.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to come and visit and once again experience the warmth hospitality of the people of Wujal Wujal.

Thank you for the Certificate of Authenticity and please pass my appreciation onto Doreen.  Tell her I shall wear her necklace with pride.

Kindest regards,

- Debbie


All good that's what I thought ... hey got a lot of comments on my shirt you guy's are 2 Deadly would like to see more designs hey Stay [strong] & Deadly

Thank you so very much! I love my new bead necklace and know it will draw many comments. I will be proud to say it's from Bana Yirriji A and C C in Cape York.

Best wishes to your wonderful artists and their communities,

- Chris


Vikki! Many thanks for your email and shipping advice.

The paintings arrived in pristine condition (thanks for the care taken in packing them!) and they were enthusiastically received!

May I ask you to pass on my thanks, on behalf of Amanda and myself, to Jarrett, Bec and of course, to your goodself.

Without the willing co-operation of all of you, this couldn't have happened!

So thankyou to you all!

Best Wishes.

And may I extend Seasons Greetings to you all. Please have a safe and happy Festive Season.

- Frank


Thank you so much for this. Robert (our 5 year old) did a 'show and tell' on the painting to his school class and everyone loves Maurice's painting .

Next time we visit we will have to buy another one.

Thank you for all your help.

- Emma